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Pre-Made Stackable Coco Coir Moss Pole

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** Disclaimer ** These moss poles are not handmade by us and will not stack with our original Handmade Coco Coir Moss Poles. The diameter of the dowel is larger than our handmade ones. We had decided to outsource our moss poles a while back but unfortunately we miscommunicated the size of the dowels. However, these moss poles are still excellent quality and are a perfect addition to your favorite houseplants 🪴

These Pre-Made Stackable Coco Coir Moss Poles are ready to ship and perfect for lighter duty plants that just need that extra support. The dowels are tapered and can easily be inserted into the soil.

These moss poles are stackable (can be stacked on top of the same moss pole, not compatible with original Handmade Poles). Made with natural coco fiber and reinforced with jute twine.

We offer three sizes which includes size of the stake: 16 inches, 30 inches and 40 inches.

Perfect for training trailing plants like Pothos, Philodendron, Rhaphidophora and more! They are also great if you want to tame an unruly plant like the Monstera Deliciosa.