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Handmade Stackable Coco Coir Moss Pole

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Our 100% Handmade Stackable Coco Fiber Moss Pole is the perfect solution for plants that love to climb (ie Pothos, Philodendron, Monstera, Rhaphidiphora) 🌿 Moss poles mimic a natural climbing environment for houseplants which help encourage upward leaf growth and larger leaves.

The stackable feature of these poles allow you to extend the moss pole easily as your plant grows, reducing stress for both you AND your plant when it comes time to lengthen 🪴 These poles are also incredibly sturdy due to its PVC core, allowing it to easily stake and hold up heavier, more mature plants!

These particular poles measure 1.25-1.5” in diameter depending on the thickness of the coco fiber, and we offer a variety of sizes to accommodate most plant heights. Each pole is handmade with utmost love and care by our team and because of this, each one is unique and may differ slightly.

We take pride in using the highest quality materials including:

• 100% natural coconut fiber
• USA made PVC
• waxed hemp cord
• hand-sharpened wooden dowel to stake


Small 16” - approx 12” coco fiber coverage with approx 4” stake
Medium 30” - approx 24” coco fiber coverage with approx 6” stake
Large 40” - approx 34” coco fiber coverage with approx 6” stake
*All moss poles come with 6 feet of twine


We recommend purchasing your pole at least 8-12” taller than your plant to allow adequate room for growth!


To install, simply insert the dowel into your potting medium, near the vining stem(s). It’s okay to push through a little root as this actually helps to stabilize your pole. If you are concerned of damaging roots, however, you can install your moss pole when repotting and you may even add rocks to the base of the pot to increase stability. Lastly, use the twine provided to affix your plant to the pole!