Meet Our Team

Shanelle Herrick
Founder & Curator

Shanelle is Plant Havn’s founder and curator. Her vision for the company started in 2020 when she discovered that houseplants really helped her get through the uncertainties of the COVID pandemic. Having plants taught her patience, forgiveness, and gave her a deeper appreciation for God’s beautiful creation. To this day, plants continue to be her therapy and she loves that she gets to spend her days sharing her passion with the world. When she’s not buying more plants, you’ll find Shanelle rock climbing indoors, rollerskating, singing, and spending time with her husband as well as her two beloved cats and dog.

Kaia Silo
Internal Communications

Kaia plays an integral part in Plant Havn’s team. Kaia is responsible for keeping the team updated about important changes in the business. When she's not working, Kaia loves to read poems, play PC games, and watch Miyazaki films. Kaia also studied the Korean language for 7 years (talk about dedication!). Kaia fell in love with houseplants not too long ago, with her first one being a Watermelon peperomia. Now, she also cares for a Golden Pothos which is one of her faves because they're so resilient! Kaia's life goals include: continuing her love for PC games and online streaming, living a life for the Love "Sweeter Than Wine." With Jesus and her dog, Latte, by her side, Kaia will be content with whatever career path God chooses.

Jeny Imasa
Fulfillment Crew

Jeny is our very first employee at Plant Havn, making her first moss pole with us in March 2021. Jeny is multitalented, occasionally streaming on Twitch speedrunning Super Mario 64. Jeny is also learning how to roller skate and loves making her own juices. Jeny got her very first houseplant, a Sansevieria hahnii, in January 2021 and she's proud to say that it is still alive (and thriving) to this day! Since then, Jeny has collected a few more houseplants including a Monstera deliciosa and a Dieffenbachia and doesn't plan on stopping there. Jeny hopes to one day become a math teacher and live in the Big Apple (aka New York) with her super adorable dog, Sally.

Andrew Reyes
Fulfillment Crew

Andrew kindly offered to help out making moss poles early on in the business and truly makes amazing moss poles for all you plant lovers to enjoy. Andrew is very passionate about the arts, specifically music and audio. His goal is to graduate with his associate's and bachelor's in music/music therapy. When he's not jamming and creating, he also likes to play fantasy football and find treasures at thrift stores. Andrew prefers cacti and succulents over houseplants which can actually be harder to take care of for some of us (props to him!). In the future, Andrew sees himself owning his own house and releasing his very own album.

Jeremy Abad
Fulfillment Crew

Jeremy has mastered the art of making moss poles, so much so, that he actually completed 14 40” moss poles in under 7 hours. Trust me, that’s fast! Jeremy’s very first houseplant was a Sansevieria ‘Emerald Star’ which is when he developed an appreciation for the simplicity of snake plants. Jeremy also loves to travel and experience the world outside his hometown. Some of his life goals include visiting the world’s greatest landmarks as well as becoming a renowned chef.

Erika Imasa
Fulfillment Crew

Erika is one of our newest team members but has learned the art of making moss poles incredibly quickly. Before working at Plant Havn, Erika purchased a pothos from us and says she loves it for how easygoing it is (this is true). Erika is currently in high school but plans on becoming an Athletic Trainer for football teams. If you don’t know what an athletic trainer does, let’s just say that you don’t often see them on the scenes but you WILL notice if they aren’t there. Oh, and I have to mention that she is pretty dang good at reviewing pizzas (BarstoolSports we’re calling you out).