What’s the difference between coco coir and sphagnum moss poles?

Coco coir moss poles are made from coconut husk fibers while sphagnum moss is a dead, preserved plant that offers a variety of uses - sphagnum moss can be used to grow plants, as decoration and of course, to make moss poles! Sphagnum moss is naturally more water retentive than coco coir so it’s a great option if you want aerial roots to attach to your pole.

Coco coir is great if you only need to stake up a plant and don't necessarily need arial roots to attach; for example you could use Coco Coir moss poles to tame a wild Monstera deliciosa from growing every which way.

Ultimately, the decision on which moss pole to get your plant is completely up to you. Both coco coir and sphagnum moss poles will work for almost all plants so it’s up to your preference and style.

When will my order ship?

Handmade items take up to 3-7 days to make and process while non-handmade items can take 1-5 days but usually ship sooner.

What size moss pole should I get for my plant?

We recommend getting your moss pole at least 8 inches taller than your longest stem. This gives it ample of space to grow and adapt to the pole. However, for faster growers or during the growing season, you may want to bump it up to 12-14 inches. Don’t worry if you think your pole is “too tall” for your small plant. It will grow into it eventually!

Do I have to tie plant to the pole or will it attach on its own?

When you first receive your moss pole, you will need to use the twine provided to affix the plant to the pole. Your plant will not attach immediately as it will need some time to get used to the pole. If you want your plant to latch onto your pole, you will need to keep your pole moist by watering or misting frequently. Eventually aerial roots will be able to physically stick onto the pole.

Do I need to water my moss pole?

It is ideal that you water your moss pole as it will mimic your plant's natural climbing environment which will allow it to attach more easily and quickly.

How should I water my moss pole?

There are various ways you can keep your moss pole moist. A popular way is to mist your moss pole daily however this can be tiring if using a manual sprayer. We recommend purchasing a pressurized sprayer from your local hardware store as it truly is much easier on the thumbs.

An easier way to keep your moss pole moist is to water your moss pole thoroughly which can be done at the same time you water your plant. This keeps the pole moist for longer and is not as time consuming.

Will the birch dowel stake rot?

All of our moss poles (with the exception of our Coco Coir Moss Board) is made with birch wood which is the most naturally rot-resistant wood on the market. We have personally never experienced the birch wood dowel rotting in soil even if it has been buried for over a year. Furthermore, we have not yet heard feedback from customers who has experienced their dowel rotting.

Can I use your moss poles in LECA?

We would not generally recommend using our moss poles in LECA simply because wood should not be completely submerged in water. However, if you tape the dowel or wrap it in plastic, using your moss pole in LECA should be fine.

What size is your Potting Mat?

Our potting mat measures 28 inches by 28 inches un-buttoned. 

What do I do if my plant needs an extension?

 First of all- congrats! Your plant has successfully climbed its pole. If you would like to extend your pole, simply purchase the same pole in the size of your choice and insert the dowel stake into the open end of the original pole.

Can I make a custom size moss pole?

Unfortunately we do not take custom orders on moss poles at this time.

Do you ship worldwide?

We do not currently ship internationally but we're working on it!

When should I start training my plant to climb?

Ideally,  you should train your plant on a stick or moss pole as soon as it's developed a root system. The sooner the better! You can definitely train older, trailing plants, however you may need to use more twine to keep the vines up.