About Us

Plant Havn was born Quarantine 2020, during the wake of one of the largest global pandemics of our time. With very little to do and with loneliness creeping up from lockdown orders, I, Shanelle (founder of Plant Havn), decided to start collecting houseplants. What started as an innocent hobby (very quickly) turned into a full-blown obsession and by the second month I was coming home with what seemed like a new plant everyday (props to my husband for supporting me despite coming home to soil-covered floors and a plant in every corner of the house #PlantParentLife).

My interest in houseplants started when my mom introduced me to succulents. She, too, found solace in caring for plants, specifically succulents and cacti. I was always inspired by the pure joy succulents gave her. It's what got her up every morning excited to tend to her garden and marvel at its beauty. I was lucky to find that same joy with houseplants and I'm forever grateful that they came into my life when I needed them most. To this day, I still look forward to crossing plants off my wishlist, a wishlist I'll likely be adding to for a very, very long time. I just really love plants, ok? Lol.  And I strongly believe everyone needs at least one in their life!

My mom didn't just pass down her love for plants but also her entrepreneurial spirit. Like her, I love sharing my passion with the world and using my creativity to build a unique brand and story to share with others. One way I used my creativity was by designing and handcrafting plant support poles to train my climbing plants like my Monstera deliciosa. I loved that moss poles were not only beneficial to my plants but that it also really enhanced the atmosphere of my indoor jungle.

I eventually built up the courage to share my moss poles on Etsy, and when I realized other people loved it too, I kept going. This is when I think Plant Havn was officially born and when my passion for helping others in the plant journey grew immensely.

Our mission at Plant Havn is to provide thoughtfully designed products that help make plant parenting easy, enjoyable and enhance your indoor jungle.

The heart of Plant Havn is located right in my parents' garage in Fontana, California (thanks mom and dad!. Our little makeshift workshop/warehouse is where all the moss-pole-making, packaging, shipping, brainstorming and magic happens. My dedicated team and I work hard to ensure every customer receives the best and that our passion for your plants shows through our work.

Your purchase from Plant Havn is a purchase from a fellow plant lover, small business owner, and ultimately a girl with a dream. Thank you for so much for all the support and love. We hope you stop by again soon!

Plant Havn Team