Plant Therapy: How Plant Care Can Be Self Care

Plant Therapy: How Plant Care Can Be Self Care

Do you remember how you got into houseplants? Did a friend introduce you to them? Decided you wanted to see what the "plant craze" was all about? Saw one you liked and just couldn't put it down?

For us, we got into plants because we realized from our mom, the "Succulent Queen," that caring for these green little living things can drastically reduce stress and help you slow down. Not surprisingly, there are many studies proving that even looking at houseplants can improve mental health.

The American Society for Horticultural Science conducted a study on employees who worked in a stressful environment. When given a plant, specifically one that they had chosen and favored, there were significant psychological and physiological improvements such as decreased heart rate.

When we decided to take after our mom and adopt some plants for ourselves, some of our first ones being pothos, philodendron (we used to always mix the two!) and monstera deliciosa, we quickly realized that having plants in our home not only improves air quality (bonus), but it gave us a sense of peace we didn't know we needed.

Even when life gets busy and every day seems to be an endless hustle, houseplants somewhat "force" us to slow down, take a deep breath, and engage in some therapeutic plant care.

Although some plants were a bit more challenging to care for, and some even died on us (ahem, spider plant) leaving us a bit discouraged, we felt a sense of pride to take on the challenge of successfully caring for plants we liked.

We love waking up in the morning, talking to our plants, feeling their leaves, watching for new growth, getting our hands dirty to repot and simply knowing that a beautiful living thing is in our care.

As strong advocates of mental health, we believe that owning a plant can be one avenue to keep your mind at ease and to boost your overall mood (much needed for this whirlwind of a year 2020 has been). We are definitely a testament to this statement, as plants have kept us sane during these uncertain and scary times.

Never owned a plant before? No worries, we stocked a ton of easy and beautiful houseplants, some which are even extremely hard to kill such as Snake Plants and ZZ Plants!


There is definitely a plant for everyone, it just takes a little research and browsing our website to find a plant that's right for you. From low-light tolerant, to fast-growers, to little water requirement, you're sure to find "the one" (or 3) and we can guarantee you'll start feeling the psychological benefits of caring for them, just as we and many others have!

What are some reasons you love houseplants? Let us know, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on future blog posts!

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